Track: HCK9 Shares Head Banging New Single ‘Medicine’

Driving, distorted guitars punching drums and subtle electronics make up the soundscape on THE new single ‘Medicine’ from HCK9. As comparable to Queens Of The Stone Age as it is Placebo and Jimmy Eat World, the track possess an infectious sense of energy topped with urgent, yearning lead vocals.

Tight, emotive, effortlessly catchy and demonstrating an ear for a simplistic yet hugely effective rock soundscape with subtle swells of synth and wobbling, modulation drenched guitar lines, ‘Medicine’ is an excellent pop-rock effort with hidden depths.

Speaking about the release HCK9 explains: “(I’m not your) Medicine” some might say is a little too metaphorical to say in an argument but the sentiment however, rings true.

Whether it may be a parent, toxic ex or a friend who just can’t get the hint, 9/10 people will have gone through a situation where they are pushed past the human ability to shoulder the weight of someone’s crumbling life. If this hasn’t happened to you, I hate to say it but you may want to seek out a therapist.Medicine is all about drawing a line in the sand between my need to save everyone and the people who can’t be or don’t want to be saved. It’s the battle against a hero complex sown into my very being and the inability to say what needs to be said.This is a goodbye letter to the self destructive people who refuse to take responsibility for their own life, and make it everyone else’s problem.”

Listen below:

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