News/Track/Video: Felipe Vaz – ‘The Well Frozen Piano’: inspirational connections with the La Monte Young masterpiece.

For Difficult Art And Music’ s latest intriguing release, Brazilian sound artist Felipe Vaz presents ‘The Well Frozen Piano’. A reconnection with American experimentalist La Monte Young’s seminal sixties centrepiece ‘The Well -Tuned Piano’, Vaz here explores both the intention and the internal workings of the original, seeking the spirit of ‘endless music’.

Rarely ‘performed’ or preserved as a ‘recording’ Young’s landmark long form composition for solo piano was both extraordinary and extensive, stretching out at an indeterminate length often exceeding several hours. In many ways ‘The Well-Tuned Piano’ awakened the possibilities of immersive sound, slow minimal music with melodic overtones and a hypnotic undercurrent. So any rejoinder with this iconic work of art is a bold endeavour but one which Vaz has approached with respect, intelligence and much creative drive.

The Well Frozen Piano’ is a drone that hovers and resonates panoramically, its layers of swelling vaulted organ tones easing close then assuming distance. Evolving from the analysis of the frequencies generated throughout La Monte Young’s piece then re-arranging these with inspiring and idiosyncratic results, Vaz’s release sits perfectly within the impressive body of work curated by the DAAM label.

Available as a fast disappearing but hopefully soon re-issued USB flash drive (with additional re-mix versions from fellow electronic explorers asleepinggiant and Florian T M Zeisig), digital download or as a single edition sculptural piece (the USB preserved in a Perspex ‘ice’ casing), ‘The Well Frozen Piano’ is music delivered with invention and ingenuity. As ever with DAAM releases this is an artifact that extends way beyond the music to include an essay by Vaz plus a computer app that enables the never-ending generation of drone sounds, consequently encapsulating La Monte Young’s visionary ideas.

The Well-Frozen Piano’ is definitely one for deep thrill seekers everywhere.

Get your copy of ‘The Well Frozen Piano’ by Felipe Vaz from:

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