Track: Dear Doonan’s new single ‘Papaya’ is a scintillating slice of world music

‘Papaya’s is a fascinating new single from the Sunshine Coast (Queensland) band Dear Doonan – it has a world music tone delivered in a mostly instrumental bed with a melodic and effervescent flow. A song of many movements, there is an Indian flavour to the sounds with the use of Sitars, and vocals mixed with a psychedelic fugue – the pace ebbs and flows with an exciting dynamism.

There is a prog rock aspect, with a certain enigmatic mysticism pervading the six minute long track. It is correctly described as genre-crossing and in doing so manages to capture a certain magic. Zachariah Norton fronts the band with an array of musical instruments, leading with the sitar, Turkish bağlama, Dojo, and Banjo. The remaining members interweave with drums, guitar, horn, flute, percussion, bass and vocals.

This is highly unusual and warmly welcomed fresh new music:

‘Papaya’ comes off Dear Doonan’s forthcoming album ‘Temple of Doon’ due out on 1 May 2021.

Dear Doonan is:

Zachariah Norton – James Randolph Smith – Steve Summers – Julian Homewood – Jamie Devers

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