CPH:DOX Review: Karaoke Paradise

A lot of people seem to love doing karaoke. Much to my chagrin, it appears to have become popular and trendy again, finally getting the kind of attention in Europe it does in places like Japan and South Korea. Specific bars and clubs have shot up all across the continent. It makes sense really. People enjoy singing but are often too shy to come forward. Regardless of age, it’s something people love doing so giving them the space and environment to do it can’t be bad.

While they are not exactly known for their outgoing and effervescent personalities, even the Finns are getting in on the act. Boyed by a shared sense of acceptance and being able to let themselves go. The results might be mixed, but it’s the taking part that counts. No matter what your age or background is, there’s a song for everyone. Thus is the focus of a heartwarming new documentary, Karaoke Paradise.

Karaoke Paradise is a light and amusing look at how this craze has taken off in the far north and the colourful array of characters who have become addicted to it. Einari Paakkanenen’s film follows these lost souls as they live out their dreams. It might be slightly lightweight, but there’s enough humour, interesting backstories and personalities in Karaoke Paradise to keep you entertained throughout.  

Karaoke Paradise screens at CPH:DOX.

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