Track: V’s ‘Faithless’ is a Mesmerising Delight


V is a gender non conforming underground Australian / English singer, bassist, synth player, artist, producer and studio engineer, who has just released the first track ‘Faithless’ off their upcoming album of the same name which is due out on 31st March.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, V migrated with their family to Seoul, South Korea as a preschooler, later moving to Singapore before returning to Australia at the age of 16 to complete their schooling. After receiving their Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) degree, V moved to London and then Berlin, which became their base of operations for the next decade. Throughout this time, V also lived in London, Brussels, and Lausanne, before returning to live in Australia in late 2016.

V’s music is heavily influenced by the synth explosion in new wave and darkwave music in the 80s and this is readily apparent on the new track, which is a mesmerising melange of synths, vintage electronics and Federation Bells! Watch the video directed by the Frankie Pan below.

All tracks on ‘Faithless’ were composed, recorded, mixed, produced and performed by V.

‘Faithless’ – Track List

  1. The Stain
  2. Existence
  3. Slow
  4. Deep
  5. Memories Dreams
  6. Lux
  7. By Her Grace
  8. 333
  9. Cockroach
  10. Toll Keeper
  11. Faithless ft the Faithless Choir

Pre-order ‘Faithless’ now out via Heavy Machinery Records.

Photo: Lucinda Eva-May

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  1. […] V (born 28 March, 1986) is a gender non conforming underground Australian / English singer, bassist,…. Their music practice was forged in the hardcore and leftist scene in Berlin and later fine tuned in Naarm (Melbourne). With a background in visual arts, V brings a unique and dynamic perspective to their music and live performances and is noted for their engaging live shows. […]

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