Premiere: V Releases New Video ‘Toll Keeper’ Ahead of Album Launch


Backseat Mafia is very proud to host the premiere of a new single and video ‘Toll Keeper’ from powerhouse artist, V. The new track s an otherworldly adventure through space and time. Blending synths, ethereal singing and chiming bells, ‘Toll Keeper’ is atmospheric and mystical. The accompanying video is a trippy exploration of ‘the Void’ – a netherworld where the very fabric of reality is decaying, time distorts and entropy reigns supreme. Watch it below.

V (born 28 March, 1986) is a gender non conforming underground Australian / English singer, bassist, synth player, artist, producer and studio engineer. Their music practice was forged in the hardcore and leftist scene in Berlin and later fine tuned in Naarm (Melbourne). With a background in visual arts, V brings a unique and dynamic perspective to their music and live performances and is noted for their engaging live shows.

V has also announced their ‘Faithless’ album launch, taking place at the Federation Bells, Birrarung Marr on album release day – 31 March 2023 at 7pm. V will be joined on the night by members of their ‘Faithless Choir’, and will be supported by InfraGhosts & OV Pain DJs. Tickets are free but limited, so arrive early!

Pre-order ‘Faithless’ HERE.

‘Faithless’ Track List

  1. The Stain
  2. Existence
  3. Slow
  4. Deep
  5. Memories Dreams
  6. Lux
  7. By Her Grace
  8. 333
  9. Cockroach
  10. Toll Keeper
  11. Faithless ft the Faithless Choir

Photo: Lucinda Eva-May

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