Premiere: The Golden Gaytimes are ‘Hot As Buggery’ and as wacky as anything – see the new video for the title track from their new album.

We are honoured to premiere the new video for the title track to The Golden Gaytimes‘ newly released album ‘Hot As Buggery’. I don’t know if it’s a universal thing but any Australian knows well the delicious and refreshing confectionary curiously called the Golden Gaytime and the band has amusingly appropriated the name for their brand of indie rock with a definite glint in the eye and tongue firmly planted in the cheek.

On the release of their new album, named after the colloquially antipodean exclamation, ‘Hot As Buggery’, a video for the title track single is out. ‘Hot As Buggery’ has a shiny happy lilt with a fairground organ whirl and a high stepping bop. A wry look at the insufferable heat, the track is full of Australian vernacular that perfectly captures the ennuis and claustrophobic nature of a typically hot sunny day in Sydney, when comfort becomes a stranger and a gritty determinism takes over.

The lyrics feel altogether too familiar for anyone who has suffered the deprivations of a Sydney summer, with a wry sense of humour:

It’s 45 and rising quick, my paddle pop is just a stick.

The video, filmed by Clare Lewis with Matthew Walker and edited by Walker is an hilarious capture of a blistering hot day – the hot tarmac hop, the refuge in any body of water, garden sprays and the stripping to bare skin without pride or hesitation. The bleached out red hot simmering light bleeds into the footage and you can feel the heat. It’s like smellovision but with temperature:

‘Hot As Buggery’ is out through the legendary Half A Cow Records and can be downloaded or streamed here or though the link below. It’s a hyperkinetic collection of thundery pop joy delivered by a bunch of wacky funsters.

The Golden Gaytimes will be launching the album at the following events:

Friday, 10 March – Stag & Hunter, Newcastle NSW w/ The Meth Haul
FB event  /  Tickets

Saturday, 11 March – Figtree Sports, Wollongong NSW w/ The Bartleys and Melomaniac
FB event  /  Free

Saturday, 18 March – LazyBones Lounge, Marrickville NSW w/ Ze Robots, Glenn Thompson
FB event  /  Tickets

Sunday, 19 March – The Junkyard, Maitland NSW

Saturday, 15 April – Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour NSW

The Golden Gaytimes features members of Muzzy Pep, The Sleepy Jackson, Forever Since Breakfast and The Great Dividing Range with Jane ‘Jane-O’ Harvey up front.

Blackas (Scott Blackley) – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Organ, Backing Vocals
Greggles (Greg Perrau) – Guitar, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Phone Keyboard
Jane-o (Jane Harvey) – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Luke (Luke Bennett) – Drums
Tia Maria (Nichola Mackie) – Vocal on ‘I’m Tempted’, Backing Vocals
Tinkles the Fluffer (Edward Harvey) – Piano, Synth, Organ
Uncle Noisy (Steven Reynolds) – Bass, Guitar, Drums

 Cover art by Fred Negro

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