Track: It’s full speed ahead as The Goa Express are back with the sparkling ‘Everybody In The UK’, and announce live headline dates.

The Goa Express have released a number of glorious singles that have positively shone gold over the last couple of years, and it is great to see them back with the yearning and cinematic single ‘Everybody In The UK’. Laid over a bed of shimmering guitars, the vocals are imbued with a wistful air, preaching a message of positivity and hope in midst of bleak times.

Singer James Clarke says of the message:

A song written for us all, ‘Everybody In The UK’ throws us all together into one big, shared experience, whether we like it or not. Without a real plan in mind, it soothes thoughts about growing up and jokes that it’s okay not to want to. With everyone welcome, those not onboard are to be left behind: the journey must go on…

It’s a paean to resilience delivered in a cloak of glittering guitars and infused with melancholia and melody. This is a band that proves time and time again they can write indelible pop songs.

The accompanying video, directed by Hugh Mulhern, has a simplistic charm about it that exudes camaraderie and togetherness:

‘Everybody In The UK’ is available to download, stream and buy as a limited release vinyl here.

The Goa Express hit the road this year with an extensive tour planned – see below for details.


09 Wide Eyed Festival, Leicester, UK


10 Chameleon, Nottingham, UK *
12 The Great Escape, Brighton, UK
13 Heartbreakers, Southampton, UK *
14 Rough Trade, Bristol, UK *
16 Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield, UK *
17 Arts Club, Liverpool, UK *
18 Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds, UK *
19 The Lexington, London, UK *
21 White Hotel, Manchester, UK *
29 Neck Of The Woods Festival, Norwich, UK

  • Headline date


04 Sonic Wave Festival, Birmingham, UK
10 Syd For Solen Festival, Copenhagen, DK
23 Truck Festival, Oxford, UK
24 Tramlines Festival, Sheffield, UK
31 Kendal Calling Festival, Cumbria, UK

Feature Photograph: Louis Butler

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