Track: Marilyn Manson returns with new music – Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge

It’s been two and a half years since there were stirrings that sounded like new music from camp Manson. 2012’s Born Villain received primarily positive reviews, however over recent years, fans (or ex-fans) and critics alike were beginning to question if Marilyn Manson had lost his shock-factor. We’re talking about an artist who was blamed for the Columbine killings, made albums with names such as The Golden Age Of Grotesque, all the while building an army of cult followers… before landing at 2009’s Download festival (not to mention other instances) and gaining reviews where words like ‘apathy’ cropped up far too many times than would be desired from someone who was once infamously known as the ‘God Of Fuck’.

So, with all of the above in mind, here he is with his new single. It’s entitled (in typical dramatic Manson fashion), Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge, and sounding exactly like it was written by someone who has been through all of the above and come out the other side. It’s a little slower than you’d perhaps imagined his comeback to be, and a lot less inoffensive than we’re used to from the king of all Goths. However, with a pulsating bass and repetitive, scuzzy riff, paired with an irresistible trance-like humming between verse and chorus, this new one will have your mind transported to the depths of Manson’s darkness before it’s even hit the halfway mark.

At a level that makes this track almost accessible (remember a time when a younger, more angst ridden Marilyn Manson would have embodied the exact opposite of this?), it feels as if over his eight albums, he has matured to this- something that is so unlike him, it’s shocking, but simultaneously seeped in the very essence of Manson, it’s as familiar as an old friend. Think of it like this; Marilyn Manson at his most diluted (which this is not by any means) is still an artist with a lot more balls than most others around today.

Listen to Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge below, and download it on his website (link also below)

Marilyn Manson Website/Facebook/Twitter

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