Live Review: Lola Colt / Bird – Hebden Bridge Trades Club 24.10.2014 plus gallery

Is it true to say you can’t get too much of a good thing? Not sure. But one thing is for sure, Lola Colt are a good thing and at Backseat Mafia we certainly can’t get too much of them.

Friday night finds us at The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge. Tucked away down a side street next to the post office it’s a fairly innocuous building that has been host to many great and legendary acts over the years. Tonight, thanks to the wonderful efforts of White Rabbit Promotions, it has been turned into a psychedelic haven. Every wall of the venue is awash with liquid light. Opening act, Bird (don’t worry we’ll be running a full feature on them very soon) set the scene for an evening we’ve been waiting for, for quite some time. With a brand new debut album to promote Lola Colt have it all to give. I thought we were ready, but what came next surpassed all expectations…


Lola Colt live is a an experience not to be missed, alongside the sonic blitz there’s so much else going off on stage, the visuals and the music combined with the full on psychedelic light show,  it’s a heady intoxicating mix that has you entranced right from the moment they take the stage and Gun fixes you with ‘that’ stare.


Many in the audience had never heard off, let alone seen the band before, but within minutes people were transfixed. Up front you have Gun giving it her all vocally, strutting round the stage equally at home with or without her spangley guitar, – don’t even get me started about her turn on the drum.


Lead guitarist Matt whirls around stage firing out the Morricone style jams…


…while to the side of him Kitty goes off flitting between tambourine, maracas, keyboard and that there drum that they’re so fond off. No matter what the tool, they’re all played with passion.


To the other side of the stage we have the slightly more laid back James and his beautiful vintage guitar, with him Sinah effortlessly gliding along on bass,


and all the time bringing up the rear Martin provides the beats to keep it all in time and place.


Together they are drifters on the high psychedelic plain, and they want us all to join their tribe.


Mid set we reach my personal favourite track ‘Vacant Hearts’. Beautifully melancholic. By now the band have the crowd in the palm of theirhands, a great set was just about to get even better.


Like all good things it has to come to an end, but it ain’t over ‘til it’s over, and for  the encore, Gun takes the drum from Kitty, and closes the set with a mighty rendition of ‘Diamonds’ that surely must have this band headed for the biggest stages very, very soon


Truly mind blowing, and definitely a contender for best live gig this year.

VIEW FROM THE PIT GALLERY: HEBDEN BRIDGE – Just click on any of the pics below to see full size.

LOLA COLT debut album ‘AWAY FROM THE WATER’ is available from Monday 27th October 2014. Order it now from the bands website. [click HERE]

And it’s not too late to catch them on tour…

26 Oct – Leeds – Oporto

30 Oct – Bristol – Start The Bus

31 Oct – Bedford – Bedford Esquires

2 Nov – Brighton – The Hope

4 Nov – London – Electrowerkz (album launch show)

SETLIST for HEBDEN BRIDGE 10699192_810853188979334_766703635_n



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