Album Review: Enslaved – Caravans To The Outer Worlds

The Breakdown

This EP is the sound of a band doing what they enjoy. Just so happens we can enjoy it too

Caravans to the Outer Worlds is the follow up to the bands full length album Utgard which was released last year (Read our review here). The EP is broken into four tracks, two main songs, which the band also release two videos for, and two shorter interlude pieces, styled as “Intermezzos.

The two main tracks ‘Caravans to the Outer Worlds’ and ‘Ruun II – The Epitaph’ are completely different yet also point to Enslaved’s love of the more progressive elements of their sound. From within the sound of a harsh wind the title track emerges with some heavy bass and guitar noodling. The band put the foot down and Grutle Kjellson’s lays down his killer harsh vocals over the driving metal rhythms and punishing drums. The chorus goes all prog rock as the rhythms get more complicated. In contrast ‘Ruun II’ is a more mellow affair with Håkon Vinje’s clean vocals and a mysterious affair that builds from a single acoustic. It’s a simpler track where the vocals are more of a chant and along with the repetitive rhythms give the track folk vibe.

Intermezzo I – Lonnlig. Gudlig. Synth heavy to begin with the metal influence starts with some heavy palm muted guitar that becomes more to the front as the track changes tact with a spacey prog rock vibe. It gives a sense of a journey which the EP’s title hints at. The second Intermezzo and final track ‘Intermezzo II – The Navigator’ sees Iver Sandøy impress with some fancy drumming as the guitar chugs along and the synths from Håkon Vinje sit centre stage

Caravans… hints at a band exploring their progressive and psyche side of their music and this EP may be a gentler way to introduce this to their fans rather than a full on album. Either way the album is a creation of one of the finest metal bands to exist and is still an impressive and enjoyable listen.

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Check out the title track, below

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