TRACK: Strictly Elizabeth announces her Full Moon series with a versioning of ‘Dogs And Traps’

Strictly Elizabeth

STRICTLY ELIZABETH has announced a new series of calendrical song drops to take us all the way through 2021 in lunar company, as she launches her Full Moon Series with a new, stripped down take on her own “Dogs And Traps”, to begin the welcoming back of the sun in tiny increments after the darkest night of December 21st, the winter solstice.

It’s set to be the first of a set of songs which she intends to drop throughout the next year, each at full moon; we’ve embedded it for you below.

The singer-songwriter born Jessica Elizabeth Davenport took the track, which featured on her debut album, Shelter In Place, and raked it back to just her voice, piano and a little melodic backing, – and cleaned it up lyrically as well.

She said: “I decided to launch the Full Moon Series today, after the darkest night of the year, in the wake of the stillness of the winter solstice,” and further revealed on her Facebook page: “I made some small but significant changes to the lyrics while recording this version of ‘Dogs And Traps’. Just me and the keyboard, no band.

“This version of the song is clean. I describe the mirrors as scratch-stained not f*cked up this time. It’s also more honest because I am clean in the making of this recording.”

It’s reported that the Full Moon Series is something of a creative clearing and a cleansing – releasing what’s complete and ready for the world and wiping the slate for her next set of creative endeavours.

The next instalment of the series will be released the next time our heavenly neighbour has waxed to her full extent, January 28th.

Follow Strictly Elizabeth at her website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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