EP Review: Millsart (AKA Jeff Mills) – Inner Eye

The Breakdown

...Vernacular creations that fall off from the “other side” of the Electronic Music tree...

Axis Expressionist Series

A collection of vinyl and limited digital releases, curated by Millsart, an alias of Jeff Mills, of his most eclectic and transcendent compositions that derive from his Every Dog Has Its Day project as well as new unreleased works.

Vernacular creations that fall off from the “other side” of the Electronic Music tree, this project is designed for the experienced Techno music listener, and its goal is to reflect upon the pure artistry of the craft of storytelling. A realization between music and life.

Whereas “dancing” is the goal of Dance Music, the goal of this music is about “reflecting on the complexity and simplification of life”. Soundtracks for people in their evolutionary process.

Inner Eye EP

The first EP in this series includes “Inner Eye” and “That Voodoo You Do” in new 2023er versions and mixes. Both originally released in digital as “Every Dog Has Its Day vol.12” (2020). “Nocturnal Moves” was originally released in digital as “Every Dog Has Its Day vol.9” (2020). All tracks now available also on vinyl. All tracks written by Jeff Mills.

Verdict: A wonderful idea to bring together a selection of digital releases and commit them to the vinyl format. ‘Inner Eye’ is a blissful, dreamlike composition with a looping melody moving over delicate percussion and floating pads. ‘Nocturnal Moves’ is a rather Jazz infused track with its improvisational style piano leading the way on a bed of strings, all that combined with a soft synth bass line and light percussion. ‘That Voodoo You Do (“What if” Mix)’ has a Techno/House feel, with an overall mosaic style composition with its many layers of varying colors joining together to create a hypnotic swirl of what could have been somewhat chaotic if not arranged in the capable hands of Mr Mills aka Millsart.


  • Millsart – Inner Eye (Extended Mix)
  • Millsart – Nocturnal Moves
  • Millsart – That Voodoo You Do (“What if” Mix)

Also: 2nd in the series ‘Don´t Ask Me Why’ is set to be released on vinyl only July 7.

Out Now @ Millsart – Inner Eye (EP) (Vinyl 12″) | Axis Record / http://b2b.newsdistribution.be/Product.aspx?ProductNo=AX111&ck=8d8c7973-59af-47b4-9a0c-d0c8dd4cb7fc

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