New Music: Habitats return with glorious new single, Peace of Mind

Following on from their impossibly melodic debut single Diamond Days, London four piece Habitats have returned with a new single, Peace of Mind, which drops on 3rd November on Label Fandango. Think of it (we are) are something of a prequel (hopefully not in a Star Wars way) for the bands debut EP, out in February next year.

Its a rollicking indie rock affair, that alternates between chiming synths and noodling guitars, with this syrupy but snappy chorus. Its the sort of thing that would test the willpower of even the most pious of victorian parents (bear with me on this, I’m somewhat tired this morning so my imagination is at its most fervent) not get get those toes a tapping, at the very least. It’s funky, lovable and sweet (oh, those vocal harmonies). Join the party.

Check out the track, here

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