Track: Son Lux’s Ian Chang releases the latest cut from Belonging; “Lion Dance.”

Credit: Shayna Fontana

Ian Chang has shared a second track from his debut full-length record; “Lion Dance” a track that highlights his energetic blend of percussive prowess and hyper-sonic electronics by the Son Lux member.

“This was the last song I made for the album, so it still feels very fresh to me” Lang remarks about the track. “The initial inspiration came from the lilting rhythms of a drummer on a Chinese New Year Lion Dance video I found on YouTube. His playing is so driving yet fluid and relaxed, so I based the rhythmic backbone of this song on that.”

The instrumentation was also inspired by Lion Dance music, which usually consists of a percussion ensemble called 锣鼓 playing drums and gongs. I started to feel a sonic kinship between this and Swarm (a track on the album consisting completely of drum samples melodically tuned), so I ended up sampling short drum bursts from Swarm to bring this one to life.” 

The result sounds like a choir of drums cascading freely from every beat, blurring the line between rhythm and melody.”

“Lion Dance” comes almost exactly a month after the release of “Audacious“, which highlighted Chang’s  unique, expressive approach to percussion – with comparisons that Chang is “leading a cyborg – part purring mechanism, part animate bio-mass rising from the primordial ooze.

属 Belonging is released digitally April 24th and physically May 29th through City Slang.

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