Track: Tomorrows – ‘Another Life’

Tomorrows are a four-piece indie rock band from Dublin who take their influences from 60’s and 70’s pop, rock, prog, and folk, and combine them with a modern day indie rock sound to create an ‘exciting foray into cosmic pop ecstasy’

Let’s introduce the band: Tomorrows are Conor Deasy (Guitar, Keys, Lead Vocals) Jethro Pickett (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) Ben Shorten (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) Michael Murphy (Bass) and Ciaran Fortune (Drums).

Another Life is their debut album,  a 10-track interpretation of blissful indie, serene vocals with mesmerising guitar riffs and expansive, astral sounds, each track experimenting with its own unique textures before piecing them back together in a symphony of fluidity.

The process of creating ‘Another life’ began at Dublin’s famous Hellfire studios, considered a hallowed turf for musicians, it takes its name from a story in local folklore in which the devil appeared at a card game… in the form of pig’s feet under the table. To avoid the jinx, the band maintained that only a vegetarian diet should be consumed in a bid to keep the Dublin air and recording process pure of such Juju. However, dark forces still manifested themselves when guitarist Jethro was forced to return to Tasmania to start work on a rock opera, a field he’s always despised. This would lead to the second part of production being completed over two hemispheres and 9 time zones. But the guys pulled through and ‘Another Life’ is finally here.

A wonderful debut album that gives no doubt that the Tomorrows are going to make their mark on the scene. A debut full of well crafted songs overflowing with a psychedelic indie sound full of rich influences that almost feels like it could be one of those lost classic albums you’ve been missing out on all your life.


Tomorrows – Another Life – Out Now on Trout Records



  1. Another Life
  2. Circle
  3. Free
  4. City Like A River
  5. Reins
  6. Lost Weekend
  7. Ricochet
  8. Golden Lion
  9. Departures
  10. Retrospectives


Check out a track:

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