TRACK: Tim Englehardt – ‘Shine’: propulsive tech-house atmospheres

Tim Engelhardt, photographed by Katja Ruge

TIM ENGELHARDT has been quietly carving away in the world of deep tech- and deep house grooves for a while now.

Based in Westerwald, a low and mountainous region on the Rhine, he’s released one album previously, Moments Of Truth, which he out together for Poker Flat in 2017; and more than two dozen singles for labels such as the abovementioned Poker Flat, Vivrante and Flyhide.

He’s recently made himself at home at Berlin imprint Still Vor Talent, and is gearing up to release his second album, Idioskynrasia, with them.

He’s teasing the album with a brace of tracks that have gone live on YouTube today; “Shine”, which is embedded below, and the single version of “Idiosynkrasia” itself: click through on the title to hear that.

As you can hear on “Shine”, a Berlin label is a sonic homecoming for Tim. He performs a deft balancing act, walking the line between the open space of deep house and the organic feel of techno; the epic surges of the former, the more organic soundscapery of the latter – and pulls it off. Filters sweep, the track unfolds like a landscape from a train, ever propulsive. There’s plenty of textural chatter muttering and echoing away, little nuances and detonations and shears tickling the senses.

Tim’s background as a pianist informs the structure and melodicism that will be found across Idiosynkrasia, the album, which will be released on digital and loud-cut 2xLP formats on September 25th.

He promises “granular, processed recordings of piano, strings and other instruments to transmit emotions, [shifting] through meditative, flow-inducing tracks.”

You can place an order for Tim Engelhardt’s Idiosynkrasia here.

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