Its difficult to impart information on a band that there is so little information abut as Stalgia. At the same time, it means you come at it from a completely open perspective, because there’s no prejudices because of place, time, history or anything else. Even on the press release that floated into Backseat Mafia towers, the important thing was the music, not who made it.

On Rust, Stalgia deliver something heart-stopping, and vulnerable and very, very beautiful. The poetic words “I am a ghost and I live in the dust / I just feel the ache as I start to rust” are backed by echoey ambience, stark synth chords, and by little else. There’s sugary interplay between the male/female vocals, wistful and soft in their delivery, as minimal beats gently push the track into a forward motion.

Who cares who they are, we just need more of this.