Premiere: The radiant Hot Glue navigate a bit of ‘Roadkill’, with an exclusive look at the new video and announcement of new album ‘Hatchet’ and launch date.

Feature Photograph: Mala Kras

We are very honoured to premiere the immersive video for trio Hot Glue‘s new track ‘Roadkill’ – a visceral three minutes of indie rock that reverberates with intensity and passion.

Front person Pearl Harnath (who plays alongside sister Lily) says of the track:

Roadkill feels like one of our angriest with its passive aggressive apologies and accusations. I wrote it at a time where I felt distance growing in a relationship that I had wanted to work really hard to fix. It’s all about abandonment and loneliness and the lengths you’ll go to when you want to convince someone to forgive you.

The recording of Roadkill felt very intuitive. We wanted to keep it simple, since the lyrics in this single are the focus for us. The moment it seemed to all come together for me was when we added Lily’s harmonies. Contrasting to the themes of loneliness in the lyrics, the two vocals supporting each other in that second verse have a huge impact.

The song is about the collateral damage of relationships, and is delivered with most delicate and shimmering vocals with eloquent and vivid lyricism:

Well I’m sorry I
Made you miss your exit
Scratched your bumper I
Got blood on your tires
Scared you in the night
Got you pulling over on the roadside
When you see me breathing you turn back and drive

We can exclusively reveal the accompanying music video, shot by Jack Pardy (Jayris & The Scum Covered Clouds, Good Sniff); the band’s first ever visual release for a track. Lush colours and sun-bleached pastoral scene captures the band performing Roadkill’ and spending time together. The rural settings match the lyrics that are raw and emotional, flecked with a visceral melancholia.

Drummer Henry Lucas says of the video:

We have had an incredible collaborative experience working with Jack Pardy and his crew for the production of the Roadkill video, the whole team pulled out all the stops for the two day shoot in sunny Warrandyte and freezing Rocklyn. Jack and his team have such an easy going but professional attitude that we loved, but more importantly we shared a conceptual vision for what the video should be. Extremely exciting to have the very first Hot Glue video look and feel this good, and it almost definitely would not have been achieved without the combined effort of everyone on board.

The resultant video captures a sense of yearning and deep regret set in a bucolic landscape, reflecting the emotions:

‘Roadkill’ is out now and can be downloaded and streamed here. You can pre-order ‘Hatchet’ here. You can catch Hot Glue live on Thursday, 7 September at The Gasometer Hotel Melbourne, VIC w/ Polly and The Pockets & Kincaid, tickets available here.

Feature Photograph: Mala Kras

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