ALEX JAYNE, the London grown-up pop songwriter with an eye for the odd side of life, has revealed her latest track, “Backseat”.

She’s following “90s Dream” , in which, surreally, she imagined attending her own break-up movie, with this sweetly sung, intelligent slice of acoustic pop, observing the city from her taxi home. 

She said: “It feels like the city doesn’t stop. It’s always buzzing, moving, flickering around you. 

“Jumping in the back of a cab, I suddenly find myself in this intensely quiet space; I’m sinking into the backseat, wandering through the night.

“It’s in those moments where I often become reflective. I’m thinking about someone, wondering where they might be in that moment, realising that maybe I felt more for them than I realised”. 

Have a listen on our Soundcloud embed below, and hear her starting to realise she’s missing that someone, the guitar and drums giving that glide of a quiet move across the cityscape.

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