Track: New single from Manchester electro artist Bipolar Sunshine – Rivers

Marmite and Manchester. Be a good book title that, for someone like Stuart Maconie or something. It’s also true. I’ve had occasions to be there (hasn’t everyone in the UK) whether that be football (away days, eh?) concerts, record shopping or even seeing my sister when she lived there. And wandering round that old city on a sunny day, in and out of the independent Cafe’s and Bars is lovely, and I used to always make sure I walked by Factory Records, and we used to go into the 808state owned Eastern Bloc records and more often than not this pub that served cheap beer and we heard it was Mark E Smith’s local. On those days it’s a beautiful, vibrant, happening city. However, I’ve been with the cold numbing your feet, the wind taking your breath away and the rain running down your back, and it’s a dark, dingy horrible place that seems inhospitable and depressing.

Bipolar Sunshine is also from Manchester. He’s a man going places with  the upcoming EP Aesthetics out June 17th, with debut song Fire attracting the interest of many (well, 70k on soundcloud for a start) including some notable industry experts. Zane Lowe (he of much enthusiasm on Radio 1) premiered this track, Rivers earlier in the week, and it has also received some support over at XFM as well.  Both appear on the forthcoming album.

The track is a Summery electro-pop song, built around a blissed out guitar figure. It’s certainly got the sunshine, but the lyrics show a more serious side ‘I’ve been low, but I’ve been higher’ repeats the vocal on the chorus, hinting at the bipolar in his name (caution: I may be reading too much into that) Certainly what is evident is that Bipolar Sunshine is going to be a force in the warm weather. If its warm, catchy,  pop music your after, then this is a glittering example.

On this form, let’s hope the rain stays of Manchester for a bit longer……

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