See: The brilliant The Gin Palace release a mesmerising live performance video for their magnificent debut track ‘Burn Your Heart Out’.

After last year’s thrilling debut single ‘Burn Your Heart Out’, supergroup The Gin Palace have kicked off 2023 with a suitable enigmatic and studied video for what was one of my favourite tracks from the year.

The power and the passion ingrained in the song is on full display in the video – Peter Fenton’s performance is mesmerising like a preacher on the pulpit, and the band vibrant and dynamic in full flight as they play in one of Sydney’s finest venues, the Enmore Theatre.

The track is available to stream and download here and through the link below.

The Gin Palace have also announced the release of their debut album ‘The Year of the Dog’ through DRW Entertainment in 2023. Be still my beating heart. The Marrickville Sound – a reinvigoration of the glory days of the eighties and nineties guitar orientated indie scene – is just getting better and better and growing exponentially each year.

The Gin Palace are comprised of Peter Fenton of Crow, Paul McDonald (Glide, Charlie Horse), Mark Tobin (Scarlet CaligulaThe Finalists), Marc Lynch (Glide, JOEYS COOP) and Brad Christmas and Gareth Richards of Copperline

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