See: GOD DAMN unveil a ‘Thriller’ of a video for new single ‘It Bites’!

Grunge-gaze-psych-rockers God Damn return from the other side in their new video for single ‘It Bites’. Produced by Ross Orton (The Fall, Drenge, Tricky, MIA) and recorded at McCall Sound Studio in Sheffield, the festival friendly trio star in a mini horror flick inspired by a classic of the genre. One you may find familiar too. I’ve wanted laser eyes since seeing the bands 2014 promo vid for ‘Shoe Prints in the Dust’ and the band continue their trend for producing great big throbbing rock tracks and award winning clips too.

Filmed over 2 days on location in Birmingham and Wolverhampton in woodland and obviously for the cake scene, the British legion club, ‘It Bites’ sees frontman Thom as a flesh-eating zombie startling puppies in the park. This is a vid George A. Romero would be proud of and there are some handy caring for your zombie/zombie storage tips in there too. Tongue-in-cheek BritRock worthy of a banging head and a laughing belly.

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