Track: A Swift Farwell greet us with another anthemic track in ‘FWMH’ featuring Cassie Jade

Feature Photograph: Yoga Punk Photography

A Swift Farewell make a pleasurable return with their new single ‘FWMH’ featuring the additional vocals of Cassie Jade from the Melbourne band Terra. A Swift Farewell imbue their songs with an expressive passion – sometimes restrictively described as EMO but with far more colour and definition in the delivery. ‘FWMH’ adds another dimension to the band’s sound – softer, less reliant on quiet/loud dynamics and with the added luster of female vocals.

The guitars jangle and a light synth sprinkle adds texture while the song is stadium-busting anthemic with a gritty drive. Jade’s vocals create a call and response structure that highlights the relationship described in the lyrics.

Guitarist Sarah Bonnett describes the reasoning behind the additional vocals:

We really wanted a second voice, a feature to emphasize the feeling of this song being about a relationship. Cassie’s voice ended up being perfect for it. Ryo was so nervous on asking Cassie, but as soon as he asked, she immediately said yes without listening to it. When we heard the first mix we knew we created something amazing, and had to show the world.

A Swift Farewell continue to deliver a little thumping barbed-wire sparkle to the scene:

‘FWMH’ is out today and available to stream and download here.

Feature Photograph: Yoga Punk Photography

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