Track: Arliston – Mountaineer

Arliston are a trio comprising three completely different music backgrounds and personalities; Jordi, Jack and George all provide genre influences ranging from metal to indie, from all corners of the UK and beyond. This has resulted in a sonically diverse alternative-pop sound and since their forming back in 2018,

Speaking more on new track ‘Mountaineer’ and what it means, Arliston explains:

“Mountaineer was one of those rare little gems where everything just fell into place immediately. There was very little agonizing over parts, or re-recording. It was such a wonderful experience to be in a state of flow, and just ‘do’ rather than overthink. We’re so happy with the result.”

“This song is about facing the moment, that decision of whether to save yourself by cutting someone loose, and the guilt you feel for making that decision.”

“I will admit, I often feel a bit lost with too much experimentation, maybe even a bit anxious, that I may be losing my way. But here, Arliston masterfully pushes the listener into new and refreshingly unexpected realms of sonic combinations while keeping anchored in a strong, stabilising percussion.”

A cathartic opening with bird song and piano with the vocals carrying on the therapeutic sounds. Gorgeous waves of warm harmonies draw you in as the gentle popping synths and cosy piano gently embrace you through out. The trio have created a stunningly beautiful track.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Website or Facebook

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