Bristolian quartet Phoxjaw have released a video for ‘You Don’t Drink A Unicorn’s Blood’, the third single from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Royal Swan’.

“‘ You Don’t Drink A Unicorn’s Blood’ is the ugly, chaotic monster from the new album Royal Swan. Angry, sludgy and based on the more aggressive side of our band it touches on the topic of trophy hunting, interweaving a jovial delivery of a heavy subject matter. Wanting to show the sheer range the album hits upon, we decided something darker needed to be represented.

Born from a cabin-fevered recording experience at Devil’s Bridge in Wales, ‘Royal Swan’ harks back to a fantastical medieval England. Without being overtly political, ‘Royal Swan’ also details the tension inherent in modern day Great Britain – the sense of isolation and resentment the United Kingdom has fostered versus trying to retain a sense of pride in one’s own country. Devil’s Bridge Cottage leaves its mark on the record, fostering a claustrophobic recording experience and physically shaping the sound.

‘ Royal Swan’ is due 3rd July on Hassle Records.