DVD Review: Jeruzalem

Innovations in technology, significantly driving down costs and allowing the entire post-production process to be carried out in your living room, have opened the gates of film-making up to a whole new group of people who would be otherwise excluded. With handheld technology becoming smaller and cheaper, a whole new generation have access to the creative process. Jafar Panahi filmed an entire film using an I-Phone through necessity, but new directors are beginning to test the full potential of these innovations. In their new film, Jeruzalem, the Paz brothers take it one step further; filming the entire movie using Google Glass.

It’s been a year since Sarah’s (Danielle Jadelyn) brother died. Concerned that Sarah needs to move on, her best friend Rachel (Yael Grobglas) insists she comes along on a trip to Israel. They encounter the dashing Kevin (Yon Tumarkin) on the plane who persuades them to change their plans and visit Jerusalem first. When they check-in to their youth hostel, the owner’s son Omar (Tom Graziani) offers to show them round his city, with at least one eye on Rachel. As sparks fly between the couples, Kevin begins to become increasingly paranoid that something really bad is about to happen.

With the imminent release of Hardcore Harry, it’s likely that the popularity of P.O.V. movies is going to soar. In the same way ‘found footage’ altered the horror genre, the use a Glass is likely to see many changes in action films, especially for a generation brought up with computer games. Jeruzalem is pretty impressive. The conceit works really well, although admittedly less so when there’s running involved, and the characters are likeable enough to keep you interested throughout the slow build. Whilst some of the special effects are a bit hit and miss, the format keeps you on the edge of your seat, unable to see what’s coming around the next corner.

Jeruzalem is released on DVD by Matchbox Films on Monday.

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