Premiere: Gasper Claus reveals new video for the stunningly beautiful Ô Sélénites

Taken from neo-classical Cellist Gasper Claus’ debut solo album Tancade, an ode to a particular beach where he and his friends would visit every year to celebrate life, make music and dance, is a new video for the track Ô Sélénites, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

As with much of the debut album, Ô Sélénites is beautiful and engaging. Over the top of this continuous, insistent prodding from the strings, Claus arches and pulls the bow into beautiful serene melodies, that pull at your heartstrings, and steer you gently away from the anxious accompaniment. As it goes there’s shards of melody and little arcs of sound that pour over the top, eventually taking over to bring the whole thing to a standing, ambient, stop. It’s beautiful stuff.

The video, shot at Tancade, the beach that gave the album its name by Ilan Cohen, we see Gaspar solo, playing for his surroundings, soon though, he is joined by strange figures moulded out of the rock -Selenite referenced in the title, but also the name given to imaginary inhabitants of the moon in Greek culture. What it does do, is capture the essence of the piece beautifully.

Check it out, here

Tancade is out now via Infine Music

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