EP: Alex G – ‘Share Your Story’

One of the things I’m constantly amazed by is how music can become a tool for transformation. A tool for coming to terms with inner emotions and that it has the power to change an outlook. The latest release from Alex G is one that has an incredible concept to it. Taking personal and individual stories that have been shared and are now presented to be heard by as many as possible with the one simple and brilliant underlying message – that you are you and you’re amazing. In a turbulent time where more and more inner struggles are coming to light (and even though they’ve always been around they’ve made a comeback in the media) this EP is designed to remind people that it’s ok and it pulls it off in a fantastic way.

Alex G has always been a great songwriter but this EP contains some of her greatest crafting yet. As an artist she’s continued to grow in both musical understanding and performance and that’s all come together with this release. Across six tracks, the stories that are presented are instantly much more personal with individual names as the track titles. The first of these is ‘Charlotte’ which was released as a single a short while ago but it sets the tone and sets up the quality of delivery that follows over the course of the EP.



This is a great part of the year where the releases I’ve listened to have the wonderful ability to speak for themselves, and this is the case here more than ever. It’s engaging, uplifting, haunting and ultimately it’s overall beauty is in its honesty. It brings up the perfect perspective for the stories that have all come from an individual source that have been presented here to speak to others with the same struggle. To leave a message that you’re not alone. It’s an emotional experience listening to this EP but it’s one that leaves you in a much better frame of mind than before you pushed play.

It’s a tricky idea at its core as it is something that deals with a number of personal experiences but it’s the delivery of how it all comes together and how it’s so respectfully handled considering that the subject matters come from such a personal place. And lyrically it shines. Each listener will highlight a favourite lyric that will stay with them and for me, mine is “This breaking is beautifully human”.

Musically it creates compositions that suit the tone of each song that transforms already great lyrics into the complete experience that is presented. Alex’s voice is one that has a great deal of strength and a wonderful tone to it that really reveals the inner emotions of both herself and the subject matter. If there is a voice that could sing about such personal struggles and help put people at ease there’s no one else that could do it better. Joined by a group of equally talented musicians, there’s a brilliant understanding that the progressions and the dynamics are the key aspect in making these tracks the best they can be. Each song is an individual story and the music that has been written follows the same path and each serves the true theme of the songs as the EP unfolds.

This is a fantastic idea and it’s one that really works in every aspect. And the best part is that it will undoubtedly inspire. For an increased understanding into personal experiences and to gain a much better perspective it’s a release I highly recommend as so much care has gone into the making of it.


For more on Alex G be sure to click the links below and check out the upcoming European tour dates (luckily for me Alex is playing my home town of Sheffield).


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