Album Review: The Colours That Rise – Grey Doubt

Since 2017’s EP entitled ‘2020’ the anticipation for The Colours That Rise‘s debut album was high but now the wait is over. Released on Rhythm Section International, producer duo Simeon Jones and Nathanael Williams are back with a future funk Jazz, deep soul House voyage into the cosmos, featuring acclaimed guests such as Yazmin LaceyYussef Dayes, and Andrew Ashong. Combining live instrumentation and analog synths, intricate, intertwining textures and melodies run deep throughout this beautifully crafted Afrofuturist voyage, exploring the darkest recesses of the galaxy, through weather-beaten and asteroid damaged synth waves and broken drum patterns reverberating out into the vastness of space.

Take five and check out ‘Get Away‘:

The depth of musicianship on the album is wonderful, grooves upon grooves swirl around as the beats guide you on this mission of discovery. Just some damn good deep cuts that never fail to hit that sweet spot. Extra credit has to be given to the featured guest vocalists and musicians as they are so in sync with the tone of the album, becoming like fine brush strokes of the complete picture. Spoken audio between the tracks and the narration layered within the music gives the album a very unique theme, bringing everything together and producing an accomplished linear piece of work. Simeon and Nathanael give an insight into the overall idea that became the concept of the album.

“We wanted to make an audio documentary with some music about a secret history, or what some people might call a conspiracy theory, that black people live on Mars, they explain via email. “In a world full of creeping uncertainty about truth, half-truth, and post-truth, no information or history can be trusted, not even the fabric of reality. We’re just two guys with a broken tape machine and some information about a different world.”

Check Out: Deep Space

A fascinating concept with inspired music makes this an impressive debut that’s a definite stand out in 2020.

Track List:

1 Red Dawn 2:04
2 Home Time 4:00
3 Opacity 4:08
4 Hyper Lace 3:18
5 Orion’s Belt and Beyond 3:48
6 Interlude Sly: 2009 0:47
7 The Juice 6:31
8 Get Away 6:05
9 If I was God 4:39
10 Ghost in the Forest 4:35
11 Atmosphere 3:24
12 Interlude: Interlude 0:46
13 Deep Space 8:06
14 Interlude: Until Next Time 0:29

OUT NOW on Rhythm Section International

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