Premiere: Italian neo-psych band Bluedaze unveils a little shoegaze sparkle with ‘Flesh’ ahead of EP release.

We are honoured to give you an exclusive look at the video for the new track ‘Flesh’ from Italian neo-psych band Bluedaze, title track to their new EP due out on 30 June 2023. The track a thoroughly enjoyable blast of shimmering sounds that ebbs and flows, mixing a heady onslaught of guitars with quieter reflective episodes that are ethereal and dreamy.

‘Flesh’ starts off with a visceral wall of dreamy shoegaze guitars, with distant dissociated vocals floating in the ether before the verse comes in over an ambulant, throbbing bass. The chorus and instrumentals blast their way through with thunder: shimmering and psychedelic.

The band says that the philosophy behind the track is freely inspired by the thinking of French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy:

We are embodied minds, animated bodies. There is no inside. There is no outside. No distinction between body and mind. Everything we are can be seen on our skin. It’s exposed to the public gaze. This means we are always in danger, but all of us in the same way. We’re all made up of the same thing: whether of flesh or meat will depend on how we choose to act.

This message flows though in the sensual vocals and the background singing, an anthemic flow that sparkles with vitality.

The accompanying video is suitably dreamy to compliment the bright pop sound, with layered images of the singer performing – colours blurring the vision like a chemically induced trip:

The single is out on 9 June 2023 and available to pre-order here.

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