Track: Tycho Jones Shines On Vibrant Alt-Pop Banger ‘Pink + Blue’

Capturing a whimsical, breezy indie essence whilst retaining vibrant pop tendencies, Tycho Jones shines on the new single ‘Pink + Blue’.

Opening with a stripped yet affecting backdrop of electronic bass and lo-fi beats, Tycho wastes no time jumping into the infectious vocal melodies with a breezy, upbeat tone which reflects against the melancholic, reflective nature of the lyricism. As the track reaches it’s pre-chorus, ‘Pink + Blue’ starts a gradual suspenseful build as a bright synth pad swells under lightly distorted guitar lines, introducing the more indie-influenced side of the track before bursting into the euphoric, anthemic chorus led by Tycho’s half chanted yet still silky lead vocal and a brilliantly impactful, shoegazey, cinematic guitar riff.

Progressing through another verse and chorus to a dancing fuzzy instrumental break, the effortlessly cool nature of the track shines bright as the high tempo, tight electronic drums pull the atmospheric natures of the instrumentation forwards with a sense of purpose.

Beautifully arranged, layering simplistic musical ideas to create a beautiful and impactful single with melodies that stick with you well after the first listen, ‘Pink + Blue’ is a shimmering, radiant example of Tycho Jones’ brilliant writing style.

Speaking about the track, Tycho Jones explains: “Pink + Blue is about focusing on an optimistic view of the future and not getting consumed by mundane problems.”

Listen below:

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