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Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone are a five piece rock band from Leeds. They gave me two of their CDs recently to listen to.

Dr Crow Forbidden ZoneCurrent line-up:
Dr Om Crow – Vocals
Glenn Shultz – Guitars
Jas Nakhwal – Bass
Andy Twigg – Keys
Mark Thomson – Drums

I must admit to being rather shoddy in never hearing the band before, recorded or live. They have appeared in a number of Leeds venues that I’ve been to such as 360 Club at The Library, Carpe Diem and The New Roscoe.

Both CDs have an interesting mix of melody and haunting lyrics.

The lead singer’s voice comes over well, with a polished yet raw quality, if you’ll allow the contradiction. This leaves me very intrigued about how he sounds live. I’m assuming there is very little in the way of tweaking going on.

Similarly the balance in the instruments on both CDs are brilliant. Clearly not recorded at a live concert but there is plenty of feeling in the music.

A mix of 70s style rock, reminding me in parts of Alice Copper, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones and 10CC, the band have a very interesting sound. You might hear other things in their music, that’s the beauty of how what we experience informs each new experience. Mr Sunshine puts me in mind of summer and road trips across USA in a communal van or a posse of motorbikes (I’ve only done it as a passenger in a car).

Find out more by visiting the band’s website and Facebook Page.

Dr Crow CDDr Crow an the Forbidden Zone
by Dr Crow an the Forbidden Zone
released 13 December 2014

Available on Bandcamp
(includes unlimited streaming)

Dr Crow 03:46
Mr Sunshine 04:11
Mickey Mouse Town 04:21
Drowning 07:44
Tempus 03:13

Dr Crow KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope
by Dr Crow an the Forbidden Zone
released 13 December 2014

Available on Bandcamp
(includes unlimited streaming)

Preacher 05:00
Aura Girl 07:36
Streets Of Prague 06:18
Black And white Hat 03:12
The Curly ‘C’ Of Cancer 05:29

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