Track: moreofthem Shares Glitch-Pop Sweller ‘capture the moment’

A kaleidoscopic of inventive production, vibrant electronics and catchy melodies, moreofthem’s new single ‘capture the moment’ is an exciting Glitch-Pop joy.

Packed with character, ‘capture the moment’ displays a musical freedom, a euphoric essence and more-over, sounds like moreofthem is having a great time making music. Awash with atmospherics, chopping analogue synths rhythms and clicking beats subtly tinted with bit-crushing distortion, the glitching, heavily processed lead vocals are given a summering backdrop. Delivering infectiously catchy melodies, the vocals shift between heavy autotune, cut up samples and tone shifts freely throughout, treating the vocals more as a lead instrument than necessarily a conventional vocal line.

Possessing an experimental aura with it’s wild use of electronics, capture the moment does an excellent job of blending creative production with a fluorescent, commercial likability.

Lyrically discussing navigating modern life, especially our heavy social media consumption the track offers a impactful commentary on modern life.

Adding to the themes of the single, moreofthem states: “‘capture the moment’ touches on the concept of social media consumption and the pressures we face when living up to societal norms. The key point was to be honest and direct with how even though we have our digital distractions that can cause us loads of anxiety and uneasiness with our identity, it’s completely okay to be different than everybody else and know your self worth.”

Listen below:

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