Track: Middle Kids Unveil Latest Single ‘Bend’, Upcoming Album ‘Faith Crisis Pt 1’ and Tour Dates!

Middle Kids recently dropped their latest single, ‘Bend‘, providing a sneak peek into their upcoming album, ‘Faith Crisis Pt 1‘, scheduled for release on February 16, 2024. The trio, comprising Hannah Joy, Tim Fitz, and Harry Day, first made waves in 2017 with their debut single ‘Edge Of Town‘. Since then, they’ve maintained an upward trajectory, marked by award-winning albums and performances alongside notable acts such as Bloc Party, Kings of Leon, War on Drugs, and Cold War Kids. Their preceding album, ‘Today We’re The Greatest‘, not only garnered critical acclaim but also earned the Best Rock Album award at the 2021 ARIA Awards.

The emotionally charged track, produced by Jonathan Gilmore, explores personal introspection, with lead singer Hannah Joy reflecting on questioning fundamental truths. The single exemplifies their unique blend of infectious indie pop-rock, showcasing the trio’s ability to blend vulnerability with exhilarating musicality. Joy’s poignant reflections on the track’s inspiration shed light on the depth of Middle Kids’ thematic exploration, expressing, “I grew up with a solid framework for what life is, but I got to a point when I started to question some of the fundamental truths of what I believed. It was very painful and disorienting. I began to have this feeling that I couldn’t hold together all the things I valued.

The accompanying music video, directed by The Potter Sisters and filmed in Austin, TX, visually captures the essence of ‘Bend’. In the video, a heavily pregnant Joy finds herself amidst the chaos of a skate park, symbolizing life’s delicate balance. Preceding ‘Bend’, the singles ‘Dramamine’, ‘Bootleg Firecracker’, and ‘Highlands’ showcase the diversity to be expected on the upcoming album.

‘Faith Crisis Pt 1’ is poised to be the trio’s most ambitious work, featuring 13 tracks that navigate through Joy’s personal search for meaning and identity after a period of crisis. The album promises a cathartic experience, balancing vulnerability with an exhilarating musicality. Amidst their musical journey, Middle Kids lead singer Hannah Joy has also ventured into acting, making her debut in ‘Christmess‘, directed by Heath Davis, which hit cinemas across Australia and New Zealand on Thursday.

Middle Kids will be performing at the Sydney Opera House Forecourt in Sydney, NSW, on December 6, 2023, with Dermot Kennedy. They are also scheduled to play at the Great Escape Festival in Nugent, TAS, from December 30, 2023, to January 1, 2024. Looking forward, on May 18, 2024, the band will captivate audiences at Mindil Beach in Darwin, NT.

Their upcoming album ‘Faith Crisis Pt 1’ is currently available for pre-order.

Photo Credit: Pooneh Ghana

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