New Music: The Baltic States – Kontrol

With permission of the band

I once went to Estonia. It was for a concert I was playing in (check me out)so I packed appropriately. This was Estonia we’re talking about, right? Jumpers, thick coats, hundreds of (well, maybe four) pairs of socks, gloves. Of course when we got there Estonia turned out to be warm, friendly and beautiful. Tallinn in particular was one of the lovliest cities I think I have been lucky enough to visit, despite it being, apparently, one of the Baltic States.

Liverpool based Baltic States, a.k.a. Helen Morrison and Jev Maligins have recently released their debut single, ‘Kontrol’. It starts out like a minimal house record, these stark beats contrasted with Morrison’s beautiful ethereal vocal. It morphs into this big beat sort of sunrise comes up type chorus, the vocal harmonies achingly lovely.

With plans for live shows, and presumably more music on its way, all you really need to know is that Liverpool’s Baltic States are like the real ones. For all the images that the name conjures up, in actual fact it’s warm, engaging and beautiful.

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