Discover: Amber and listen to their track Noah

Me and my friends came together at University to do various things, some of them very creative. Some of the highlights of this creativity include swapping chocolate slim-fast with chocolate laxatives (how were we supposed to know he had an instrumental exam the next morning) signing one of our friends up to every free offer in all the Sunday papers (he was getting celebratory plates and things for weeks) swapping notes in pigeon-holes for official communications from the university about contravening minimum attendance requirements and stuff.

Down in Nottingham, University friends Will Jones, Tomas Sperring, Joshua Keogh, Henry Wyeth and Felix Archer met and also did something creative. They formed a band. Last year they got together and started developing a sound of their own, putting a cover of Imogen Heap‘s ‘Hide and Seek’ online whilst working on their debut EP, ‘Noah’.

The track itself is a swirling, folky, harmony-laden indie pop song complete with glockenspiel, and who doesn’t love a bit of that in a song (well, me, I do) it’s in the vein of the Kodaline, sort of Coldplay-ish in its ambition. Certainly, if this is a debut, then we all need to keep a close eye on amber, despite the eldest of the band still being only 20.

So the creativity of me and my friends at university may not have matched Amber’s. What course did I do? Um, well, music.

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