Elephants And Stars Share New Pop-Rock Banger ‘Turn It All Around’

Gravelly vocals, tight guitar lines, punching drums, Elephants And Stars are at their infectious best on new single ‘Turn It All Around’. Taken from the recently released album Last Chance Power Drive, the track is just one of the many brilliant examples of the band’s songwriting abilities.

Full of vibrant pop-punk come alt-rock energy, ‘Turn It All Around’ showcases thick layers of crunchy guitar, subtle synths layers, grounding bass and pumping drums as the effortlessly vocal melodies add a central pin and memorable hooks which stick with you well after listening. As the track develops, gradually growing from section to section, the single soon bursts into an aptly euphoric guitar solo as the chords rise towards the thundering final chorus.

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, Manfred explains: “Turn It All Around is about the futile art of arguing with someone who isn’t reasonable. People who hear reasoned arguments, but don’t like them so they just blindly dismiss it. This could apply to something as simple as a relationship or something more broad like climate-change denial, anti-vaxxers or talking to a deranged Trump supporter.Turn it all Around – the line – hints at the Stranger Things idea of an upside down world, except in this case, the upside down is the absence of reason and logic.Originally there was a reference to witch burning that was taken out, but still fit the narrative of the song.Musically, it is as straight ahead as a song can be. two chords drive the verses to represent two opposing sides on an argument. Producer Ian Blurton came up with the structure of the solo to give the song a more dynamic arrangement.”

A brilliant single from a band full of experience and always pushing for more acclaim. Listen to Turn It All Around below:

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