New Music: Alpine – Gasoline (High Highs Remix)

I sat out on my decking tonight. Me and the decking fell out disastrously  last year when slippy steps caused me to nearly rip the rebuilt cruciate ligament out within a couple of weeks of it. Surprised as I was, I reached out with my hand, and promptly fell on it, ripping out various things as it popped my elbow 180 degrees out and round to face the other way. Oh and I broke my wrist in so many places that it required eight (yes, EIGHT) pins and a plate held in with three pins.

Since that point, me and my decking have had a very frosty relationship. We didn’t interact at all for many weeks. We haven’t spent much time at all in each others company, and when we do, it’s the bare minimum of time. Until tonight. It’s been so hot here, and I wandered out, laptop in hand, and played the High Highs remix of Alpine’s Gasoline.

Alpine is (or is it are) Phoebe Baker and Lou Jameson vocals, Christian O’Brien who plays guitar, bassist Ryan Lamb, Tim Royall providing keys and Phil Tucker on drums. They have a new album out, from which this track was taken, and was recorded in Melbourne with producer Dann Hume. The High Highs have taken the track and made it a warm, electro-based track that floats over you, with Baker and Jamesons voices almost angelic in the mix of it. It put me in such a, well, forgiving mood that me and the decking have called a(n uneasy) truce.

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