SEE: Generation – ‘Tokyo’: sleaze rock brothers take another glammy bite

Generation, straining at the leash

TAKING on the all the glorious, skinny, wasted rock’n’roll tradition of the Stooges, the New York Dolls, early Manics, and throwing open a mascara and glam-riffing portal in the centre of their home city, Liverpool, Generation, the brainchild of brothers James and Dean Carne have just dropped their second mint into the fizzy drink of the music world with “Tokyo”. Watch the video, below.

They’re deadly serious about how seriously absurd howling guitars and grinding hips can be. They also have doughnuts.

It’s the second song to emerge blinking into the daylight after a hard and delicious night to be taken from next year’s debut mini-album, Suicidal Champagne – the title track from which they’ve already fronted up, back in October, and which you can go get dirty in here.

“Tokyo” was written by the brothers about wanting rid of old band members that had aggravated them, willing them to leave the scene. It’s just the two of them, and emerged from the bright burst of the mini-album sessions.

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