Say Psych: Live, Vuelveteloca, Liverpool PsychFest, 25/09/15

Part of the Sacred Bones vs BYM stage that is occupying most of the night on the Furnace Stage, Vuelveteloca are one of a clutch of amazing Chilean bands who have come to the fore through BYM Records. Along with the likes of The Holydrug Couple (who unfortunately had to pull out of this year’s event), Föllakzoid, and La Hell Gang; who all draw on different psychedelic elements: Vuelveteloca represent that strand of ‘psychedelia’ that merged into mainstream rock in the 1970’s and continued often unnoticed within rock music until the term regained its currency in the last ten or so years; with some serious surf vibes thrown in.

The band’s most recent album (the fourth), Pantera, is a great melange of different psychedelia eras, yet with a subtle almost indescribably Chilean flavour that sets the band apart from many of its contemporaries. The album formed the main part of Vuelveteloca’s set which bristled with amazing guitar riffs and a rhythm section that was really on the money. As well as being really tight the band really explored their sound with a performance that really dug deep into your brain and planted some amazing tunes in there.

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