SEE: Lisbon’s “Game of Thrones” inspired video for “Khaleesi”

Lisbon - Khaleesi
Lisbon's newest video for "Khaleesi"

Lisbon, Whitley Bay’s finest, have made no secret of their love for all things Westerosi and as inspired by popular culture as many bands are, it seems that “Game of Thrones” has become synonymous with the band. Around the time of the popular HBO fantasy show’s fifth season finale, Lisbon announced the forthcoming release of their track “Khaleesi”, an ode to the feisty young princess Daenerys Targaryen, an object of worship within the show and in the show’s fandom. When I spoke to the band’s lead singer back in June, they were looking forward to shooting the video and were keen to ensure viewers knew they were having some fun with their “Thrones” inspired idea rather than trying to recreate the show itself on a more meagre budget. And so, this week, the eagerly awaited video arrived cheekily entitled “Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 11” (there are only 10 episodes per season of the show proper) and the boys are certainly enjoying themselves, romping around their home turf in search of the much-desired Khaleesi, using horses, cars and trains to reach her, sneaking in a cameo from the TV cast and recreating some of the show’s notorious gore with an hilarious musical fight. Let’s just say, there’s a reason guitars are called axes! The song itself is a storming track and whether you’re a fan of “Thrones” or not, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Lisbon have had a highly successful tour across the last couple of months and release their impressive new EP “Life is Good” on August 7th which features “Khaleesi” plus earlier singles “I Don’t Know”, “Native” and two versions of the catchy “Good 2 Me”.

Check out Lisbon’s website here and my earlier interview with Matthew, the band’s lead singer here.

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