News: US Rockers Feels Like Fire Unveil Anthemic New Single ‘She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl)’

US-based Indie-Pop/Americana Rock outfit, Feels Like Fire, sets the stage ablaze with their latest single, ‘She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl)’, serving as the lead track from their debut album, ‘Amaranthine’.

In ‘She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl), Feels Like Fire invites listeners into their anthemic indie-rock/pop realm, painting a vivid picture of a captivating individual who seems to belong to a world beyond reach. With lyrics like “she must be from uptown, cos it’s cold in this downtown world, and she’s on fire,” the band captures the allure and mystique of encountering someone who stands out in a monotonous landscape. 

The track’s arrangement of drums, guitar, and piano delicately builds, creating a crescendo that culminates in an anthemic finale reminiscent of stadium-worthy performances. The band skillfully weaves strong lyrical imagery throughout the song with warm harmonies and an emotive vocal performance, transporting listeners into their vibrant musical universe.

Comprising a quartet of Indie-Pop/Americana Rock enthusiasts, Feels Like Fire derives its name from the passion they experience when creating music together. Having previously garnered attention from major record labels and turning down two record deals, the band reunited in 2022 with a shared vision of crafting an anthemic album. 

With the release of ‘She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl)’ and their debut album ‘Amaranthine’, Feels Like Fire fulfils their mission of delivering heartfelt indie-pop/rock to audiences worldwide. As they set their sights on the future, the band’s fiery spirit promises to ignite the hearts of listeners and leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

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