News: Astles Unveils Enchanting New Single ‘This One’s For You’ – A Melodic Journey into the Heart

Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Astles shares the new single, ‘This One’s For You‘. Known for his knack for crafting heart-captivating songs, Astles brings a unique energy to the music scene, blending nostalgia with cinematic charm.

In his latest single, Astles introduces a captivating rhythm using a rattly analogue drum machine, immediately drawing listeners into his dreamy, nostalgic world. The track unfolds with somber piano chords and the soundtrack-esque strings of Astles’ ‘Balloon Moon Orchestra,’ all beautifully intertwined with his laid-back yet emotionally rich vocals. As the song progresses, plucky melodies and hopeful lyricism emerge, showcasing Astles’ poignant songwriting skills.

Astles’ music is a testament to his ability to find inspiration in the love and support of those around him. In his own words, “‘This One’s For You’ is a song about realizing how lucky I am to have wonderful people in my life. It’s quite easy sometimes to sit and be unhappy with how things play out, how life doesn’t quite go the way you would like at points. But I have beautiful inspiring people around me every day who chose to spend their time, efforts, and life with me. So maybe I’m doing better than I’d like to think sometimes.”

He adds, “‘This One’s For You’ is a love song, an unwanted gift almost! I have written 100’s of songs for and about the people I love and I’m sure they’re fed up with it by now. But then moments when I feel truly understood and loved, I always find myself going to write a song. There is no safer and inspiring feeling than being truly yourself. And the ones you love get you to that place time and time again.”

Astles’ music reflects the misty melancholy of seaside vistas, influenced by his upbringing in Southport and Liverpool. His songwriting celebrates the heartfelt and whispers warmth and sincerity through his velvety voice, akin to a comforting cup of milky tea.

On stage, Astles is often joined by the Balloon Moon Orchestra, a ten-strong ensemble that elevates his songs with lush string sections and orchestral arrangements. His Christmas shows at St. Brides Church in Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter have become legendary gatherings for the local musical community.

Astles has shared stages with notable acts like Bill Ryder Jones, The Mysterines, Chartreuse, and Florist, and he made a memorable appearance at the Great Escape festival. His talent has not gone unnoticed, garnering praise from NME and Clash Magazine, and even Sir Paul McCartney, who has taken an interest in his work.

Astles’ rising profile led to several achievements, including PRS Momentum Funding and a publishing deal with Starwood Management (known for artists like Michael Kiwanuka and The Kooks) and Sentric. These endorsements have boosted his confidence and provided the creative space he needed to begin working on his debut album, set to release in 2024 in collaboration with engineer/producer Sophie Ellis (Inflo and Ben Baptie).

Astles’ music is a beautiful blend of honesty, warmth, and grandeur, enriched by cinematic string sections and orchestral instrumentation. His live performances, often accompanied by the Balloon Moon Orchestra, bring these lush arrangements to life. His deep-rooted inspiration comes from family, friends, and the vibrant musical heritage of Liverpool, drawing from a love of 70s analogue production and heartfelt lyricism, inherited from his late uncle’s mixtapes and vinyl collection.

With ‘This One’s For You’, Astles continues to enchant audiences with his heartfelt melodies and evocative storytelling. Listen below:

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