Premiere: Marta Ren releases video for the deep funk of ’22:22′

PORTUGUESE soul sister Marta Ren released her new single, “22:22”, last week; and has followed it with visuals which we’re delighted to premiere right here today on Backseat Mafia.

She’s been fashioning tastily deep grooves since the 1990s, when she was a member of The Bombazines, but she burst on the soul scene in her own right with 2016’s debut solo album, Stop Look Listen. She’s kept that 70s’ deep funk feel for “22:22”, taken from her forthcoming follow-up, out on Record Kicks next year.

You can watch the video below: its’ an uplifting slice of soul funk, all brass stabs and bends, with the driving rhythm section providing ample momentum for Martha’s incredible soul voice. It’s shuffles and moves its ways through, adding little guitar exchanges and some proper funk stylings to keep you in the groove.

Of “22:22”, she says: “It’s a number that pursues me. This song is about me having a conversation with myself when I was 22, a milestone year for me. At the same time I am also speaking to any girl who relates: ‘What? You never had a song dedicated to yourself? I’ll give it to you.’

Follow Martha at her Bandcamp page, and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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