Track: Sadness And Complete Disappointment bring a gothic twist with their new track – Survivors Guilt

Adding a touch of grunge to the UK scene, Sadness & Complete Disappointment have released another single from their forthcoming debut EP – ‘Fun’

‘Survivor’s Guilt’ is, in fact, a love song of sorts but lead vocalist and drummer Esme admits that: 

“it’s more about the desperation to not be alone, regardless of the cost to your happiness because, no matter what they tell you, no one wants to be alone. By choosing to pursue anyone, in actual fact you only have yourself to blame when you inevitably get hurt because in the end no one will ever love you in the way you need to be loved. My ex-girlfriend walked me to her house in Brixton once and told me that I couldn’t come in. “This is my house and you’ll never see inside” she said and she laughed. But I did see inside and I saw so deep inside her head and her mind and inside there was NOTHING. She wanted to fuck to EDM.”

The band have created a wonderfully penned song here, that shows a real mature side to their song writing. A haunting vocal melody over a guitar that sways between bitter sweet clean and distorted. The track simmers and builds over its 3 minutes to a gothic rock masterpiece.

Check it out here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

EP Tracklisting

1. Monotony
2. Oh, Rapture!
3. Survivor’s Guilt
4. Status

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