News: Velvet Two Stripes Unleash Raw Rock Power with Latest Album ‘No Spell For Moving Water’

Velvet Two Stripes, 2023

Swiss all-female rock trio, Velvet Two Stripes, have unleashed their highly anticipated album, ‘No Spell For Moving Water’. This nine-track masterpiece stays true to the band’s ever-evolving raw rock sound. With sisters Sophie and Sara Diggelmann handling vocals and guitar, and Franca Mock on bass, the trio is on a determined upward trajectory with their latest album. 

With a remarkable 15-year band history, Sara Diggelmann boldly declares, “Nothing can hold us back anymore.” This resilience is evident in their ability to navigate the underground and the music industry with ease, continually pushing boundaries and experimenting with their sound. ‘No Spell For Moving Water’ encapsulates this magical and unwavering band ethos, symbolizing the idea that flowing water cannot be cursed by evil spells; it gracefully flows over every obstacle in its path. As long as you keep moving, you escape the clutches of any witch’s spell and remain free. 

The album’s journey began on trips across the rusty railway bridge spanning the Columbia River, leading them to the recording studio in the summer of 2022. They had flown to Portland at the invitation of their producer, Dominik Schmidt of Rola Music, armed with just two finished songs and a wealth of sketches and ideas. The pressure of the situation turned out to be the crucible for the unique sound of ‘No Spell For Moving Water’. As vocalist Sophie Diggelmann explains, “We couldn’t spend much time polishing the songs. So instead, we kept a freshness that you can hear on the album.” 

‘No Spell For Moving Water’ marks Velvet Two Stripes’ most multi-faceted album to date. With contemporary elements of pop and the expertise of rock luminaries Vance Powell (mixing, e.g., The White Stripes, Buddy Guy) and Pete Lyman (mastering, e.g., Tom Waits, Weezer), the album is a sonic treat for fans of The Kills, Deap Vally, The Dead Weather, or The White Stripes. 

The band’s profound creative synergy is evident throughout the album, as they testify to the importance of diversity and innovation. “There is something special about being holed up with so many creative minds, just letting the magic happen and seeing where it takes us. And it certainly was a magical time”, they proclaim. The album is a testament to the creative pressure that arises when artists are committed to making something extraordinary together.

Listen below:

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