News: Cagri Raydemir Delivers Genre-Fluid New EP ‘Absence’

Cagri Raydemir, the Munich-based singer-songwriter and music producer, has made a triumphant return with the new EP, ‘Absence’.

This four-track release showcases Raydemir’s unique blend of alternative, rock, and progressive elements, merging traditional instruments with trumpet, percussion, and folk textures to create rich and multifaceted soundscapes.

Speaking about his musical approach Cagri Raydemir explains: “I would prefer to create something unique and rather not have a resemblance to other artists. I believe the EP is a combination of different genres and elements.”

A prolific creator, Raydemir has released 12 albums and 7 EPs to date, each displaying a unique, multifaceted and depthy musical understanding.

The new EP is no different delivering rich musicality in an array of what can best be folk-prog tracks. From the acoustic opening and eventual unexpected brass of ‘Absence of Patience’ to the explosive guitar work on ‘Absence of Courtesy’ the EP delivers a lot of surprises – not allowing the listener to become comfortable and instead delivering a vast array of unconventional euphoric instrumental displays. Running with the theme of Absence throughout, the EP is like a mini concept album in it’s own right, in-fitting with the experimtenal-Prog approach which characterises Rayemir’s music

‘Absence’ is a testament to Raydemir’s artistic control and his ability to merge genres to create a captivating musical journey.

Listen below:

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