After debuting on Ron Flatter’s Pour La Vie Rec. a year ago, Nuremburg house duo Roumex contributed a track to Kattballs long running Konspiracy series, followed by the Tantalis EP which dropped in December. Returning to the label, run by Tube & Berger, P.A.C.O. and Juliet Sikora they have a new EP with a pair of melodic house tracks, titled Katharis EP

The title track is moody and, at times, ambient, but it’s built on strong melodic foundations, with these evocative male vocals, razor sharp synth lines, and sultry basslines. Follow on Victorious chimes and shimmers, with deep chords and handclaps giving it scope and momentum and the hushed vocals some mystery

Take a listen to Victorious, here



Roumex ‘Katharsis EP’ drops today (13th April) via Kittball.


  1. Katharsis
  2. Victorius