NEWS: Leeds band Van Houten release ‘Home Alone’ EP this Friday – hear the title track

Van Houten. Credit: Sam Joyce Photography

LEEDS psychedelic pop outfit Van Houten will release their new EP, Home Alone, via Clue Records this Friday, November 13th.

Also out this Friday alongside the EP is beautifully personal single, “Not Me”, with the lyrics reflecting a sense of the reinvention within the band and marking an important and difficult process of separating yourself from your mental health issues, which lead singer Louis Sadler discusses.

“Not Me” is a deep exploration of personal problems with insecurity and anxiety, and how these issues have taken over my identity and caused me to feel like a burden to my loved ones,” he says.

“The song offers a release and ultimately makes the point that these feelings are not the real me, and I’m breaking free from the hold that they have had.

“The intimate message tells the listener to let go of your notion of who I am because I’m breaking free from my past issues.”

The band’s most recent single ahead of the release, “You And Me”, is a dreamy soundscape wonder that certainly tantalises our appetites ahead of the full EP. You can hear it below:

You can get the Home Alone EP and buy merch, etc, from Van Houten here.

Follow Van Houten on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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